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The design of the C.R. Onsrud Compact High Rail Series machines specifically addresses the needs of non-ferrous metals, plastics, composites, and light steel; whether wet or dry cutting. The CH Series provides many of the same advantages as our HR Series, such as a large volumetric machining envelope; but with a much more compact footprint. It has the additional advantage of a self-supportive one-piece design, that allows most sizes of this machine to ship fully assembled and nearly functional; allowing you to be up-and-running, producing parts immediately. The set-up and install are minimal because there is practically no assembly required. The compact and sturdy design not only respects your expensive shop floor space, but usually requires no additional floor preparation or modification potentially saving unforeseen or costly integration and facilities costs.

This intelligent design begins with a stand-alone, machine base and foundation. This heavy, one-piece thick-wall, engineered steel base with internal steel reinforcements forms a machine bed that can easily handle the extreme weights of large blocks of non-ferrous metal, over-sized tooling or fixtures for composites, and sheet metal parts. The base also bears and strengthens two rows of heavy steel support walls onto which the X-Axis guide ways and drive systems are mounted. A massive moving bridge featuring over three foot bearing spacing spans these stationary support walls to form the Y-Axis. Electronically tensioned, dual drives on each end of this bridge allow for smooth, fast, precise, and back- lash free motion. This design allows the electronics and mechanical drives to be located completely outside of the machining envelope and prevents their potential contamination from wet or dry machining. This design eliminates the vertical pillars present in many other moving bridge machines. Eliminating the vertical columns minimizes potential frame deflection or distortion, and increases overall volumetric accuracy. This design also allows for the more efficient and more rapid movements of a substantially larger and heavier bridge, and for the use of a much taller and stiffer z-ram. A taller Z-Axis cutting envelope is made possible, and the machine is able to be more rigid and more accurate at these taller working heights.

You can immediately see the attention to detail, and how concerned the Onsrud engineers are with safety and usability. As a result of these concerns, side panels and doors enclose the working envelope to help ensure maximum operational and environmental safety, reduced noise levels, and to control debris. You notice the attention to detail when the doors open up far enough to provide full access to the machine bed. When contamination concerns are more vital, the optional retractable bellows roof can fully protect the surrounding environment from fine airborne particulate or contamination. The roomy open design gives easy unobstructed access with a forklift or overhead crane.

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Standard Features

  • Dual support, dual drive moving gantry design
  • High speed, high production, digital brushless AC servos
  • Std. 15 Position slide out tool changer is Aggregate ready
  • Full Machine Enclosure with Internal Lighting, and Chip Collection Pan
  • Design allows for easy loading with overhead crane or fork lift
  • C.R. Onsrud High-Flow Universal Vacuum Table System
  • Full 3D capability
  • Full 2 Year Warranty & Factory 24/7/365 Emergency Tech Support
  • 4-Pole high torque spindle
  • Independently controlled vacuum zones as standard
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Standard Options

  • 20HP Liquid Cooled Spindle Upgrade
  • 33HP HSK63A Milling Spindle
  • Additional 15-Position Slide Out Tool Changer (for 30 total tools)
  • Retractable Bellows Roof for fully enclosed design
  • Aggregate Capability
  • NEMI Grid Table
  • Handheld Jog Pendant
  • Pods
  • Clamps
  • T-Slot Table
  • MQL or Flood Coolant Capable
  • Chip Auger and Conveyor Systems
  • And many more options or accessories

  • Model Number W7 W10
    Number of Axes 5
    Table Size 148in x 84in 148in x 120in
    Z Clearance 53in
    X- Axis Travel 84in 120in
    Y-Axis Travel 148in
    Z-Axis Travel 53in
    Machining Speed 1500ipm
    X&Y Rapid Traverse 2000ipm
    Number of Spindles 1 standard
    Standard Spindle 4-Pole; 24,000rpm; 15HP
    Tool Shank HSK 63F
    Standard Tool Capacity 15
    Part Holding Vacuum Grid, T-Slot, Bolt Hole and Pin Options

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