Our Compact High Rail Series machines are designed for the needs of manufacturers working with non-ferrous metals, plastics, composites, and light steel – whether wet, or dry cutting. This advanced product line provides many of the same advantages of our larger High Rail Series, such as a large volumetric machining envelope – with a significantly more compact footprint. The compact, sturdy design is a self-contained unit which ships fully assembled  – so you can be up-and-running producing parts after a relatively short install time. Installation usually requires no additional facility integration costs (such as floor modifications) due to the peerless design.


The enclosed working envelope of the CHR, ensures maximum operational and environmental safety, reduced noise levels, and debris management. Full access is provided to the machining bed, allowing unencumbered material handling, and unobstructed access with a forklift, or overhead crane. The optional retractable bellows roof offers full protection to the surrounding environment from airborne particulate.

The CHR's intelligent design begins with a stand-alone base and foundation. The heavy, one-piece, engineered (thick-walled) steel base has internal steel reinforcements, thus forming a machine bed that can easily handle the extreme weights of large blocks of materials you'll be throwing at it. Two rows of heavy-gauge steel, support the rigid walls which guide the X-axis ways and drive  mechanisms . A massive moving bridge – providing over three foot of bearing spacing – spans the stationary support walls to form the Y-Axis. Electronically tensioned, dual drives are mounted on each end of this bridge, allowing for smooth, fast, precise, and back- lash free motion – and all electronics/ mechanical drives are located completely outside of the machining envelope to prevent potential contamination (either wet or dry machining). We've eliminated the vertical pillars, which minimizes potential frame deflection, and increases overall volumetric accuracy. These functional design elements provide more efficient, rapid movements of the substantially larger, heavier bridge, and allow for the use of a much taller and stiffer z-ram. The result is a larger cutting envelope, while still maintaining rigidity and accuracy at taller working heights.

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