Extreme Series

Incorporating a tool changer per head elimnates precious seconds from the production cycle, and over the course of a normal shift, that equates to huge savings.

The Extreme Series (or E-Series) CNC machine takes everything we’ve learned from the design of our Super Duty Series to the next level in performance and accuracy. This twin table CNC machine features beefy rail spacing for greater accuracy and leverage over the part for more demanding applications. Like its cast-iron cousin, the Super Duty, having the fixed bridge positioned across the width of the twin table configuration reduces the appreciable machine footprint by half (that of a typical "fixed gantry" machine). This design allows the ultimate in operator flexibility as tables can be run, loaded/offloaded independently without interrupting the adjacent table’s cutting cycle. Additionally, the tables may be run in slave mode (two tables electronically locked together) for those occasional large parts which need to span a larger cutting envelope. With a machine on your production floor delivering such a versatile combination of cutting power and adaptability – while offering the capability of maintaining continuous operation (pendulum processing) to maximize daily output – the Extreme Series by C.R. Onsrud consistently delivers top-of-class performance to ensure your machine will always be making you money.


When the American Manufacturer/Retailer Hobby Lobby needed to increase production levels, they selected the the E-Series, the 290E18WS6 to be exact, and we exceeded their goals!  Want know about Hobby Lobby's experience with C.R. Onsrud machinery?

See the Hobby Lobby story:


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