The High Rail Gantry makes use of the foundation and floor of your facility, to deliver the heaviest bed load capacities available from any design. The floor inside the machine is left free and uncluttered, ready for the table, tooling, fixture, clamping, or POGO part holding system you desire to operate with.

The C.R. Onsrud High Rail Gantry Series machining center was developed to meet C.R. Onsrud's continued commitment to the advanced materials industry, and the high demand for large format 5-Axis machining capabilities. Designed and built for manufacturers producing  high precision, large components and/or awkward shapes in materials such as non- ferrous, light ferrous, or composite products. Finite Element Analysis was performed extensively throughout the design and engineering processes, and the High Rail meets the demand for machining parts which require a sizable working envelope, and delivers the tolerances you expect.  You can be confident this machine will produce the accuracy, repeatability, speed, structural rigidity, and high material removal rates demanded when machining structural aluminum components, aircraft surface skins, automotive molds, helicopter blades, plugs for boat molds, and structured insulated panels just to name a few examples. The Onsrud family has been manufacturing specialized machines for the aircraft industry since the industry "took flight," and the High Rail continues that long legacy.


Offering our largest variety of options, sizes, upgrades, and machining possibilities, the flexible High Rail Gantry series is built and engineered-to-order, around your products, your manufacturing protocols, and your facility's needs. The High Rail Gantry is a no-holds-barred cnc machining center, built to handle the largest jobs you throw at it. If you produce high volume, large-scale parts from advanced materials, or for  advanced building concepts, then you owe it to yourself to check out the C.R. Onsrud High Rail – a moving gantry-style cnc center like no other.

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