5 Axis High Rail The C.R. Onsrud High Rail Gantry Series machining center was developed to meet C.R. Onsrud's continued commitment to the advanced materials industry, and the high demand for large format 5-Axis machining capabilities. Designed and built for manufacturers producing high precision, large components and/or awkward shapes in materials such as non- ferrous, light ferrous, or composite products. Finite Element Analysis was performed extensively throughout the design and engineering processes, and the High Rail meets the demand for machining parts which require a sizable working envelope, and delivers the tolerances you expect. You can be confident this machine will produce the accuracy, repeatability, speed, structural rigidity, and high material removal rates demanded when machining structural aluminum components, aircraft surface skins, automotive molds, helicopter blades, plugs for boat molds, and structured insulated panels just to name a few examples. The Onsrud family has been manufacturing specialized machines for the aircraft industry since the industry "took flight," and the High Rail continues that long legacy.

The High Rail Gantry makes use of the foundation and floor of your facility, to deliver the heaviest bed load capacities available from any design. The floor inside the machine is left free and uncluttered, ready for the table, tooling, fixture, clamping, or POGO part holding system you desire to operate with.

Offering our largest variety of options, sizes, upgrades, and machining possibilities, the flexible High Rail Gantry series is built and engineered-to-order, around your products, your manufacturing protocols, and your facility's needs. The High Rail Gantry is a no-holds-barred cnc machining center, built to handle the largest jobs you throw at it. If you produce high volume, large-scale parts from advanced materials, or for  advanced building concepts, then you owe it to yourself to check out the C.R. Onsrud High Rail – a moving gantry-style cnc center like no other.


    Standard Features

    Dual support, dual drive moving gantry design

    High speed, high production, digital brush-less AC servos

    Standard 18 Position slide out tool changer is Aggregate ready

    Design allows for easy loading with overhead crane or fork lift

    Full 3D capability

    Full 2 Year Warranty & Factory 24/7/365 Emergency Tech Support

    4-Pole high torque spindle

    Independently controlled vacuum zones as standard

    Automatic Lubrication System


    Standard Options

    33HP HSK63A Milling Spindle

    Additional 18-Position Slide Out Tool Changer (for 36 total tools)

    Retractable Bellows Roof for fully enclosed design

    Aggregate Capability

    Hand-held Jog Pendant

    Vacuum, T-Slot, or Mechanical Hold Down Tables

    MQL or Flood Coolant Capable

    And many more options or accessories


    Standard width of 15' and 20'. Z Height 6'.
    Built to Order - Please Call For Specifications





    Various table options include Above Floor Roll- In, Above Floor Fixed, Flush Mounted or Pit, Aluminum T-slot, Steel T-Slot, Drilled and Tapped, Slab Plate, Magnetic, or Vacuum. Multiple spindle options range from higher RPM lower torque routing spindles to lower RPM higher torque milling spindles with flood, mist, dry, or near-dry capabilities. Large capacity automatic tool changers are available with HSK-63F or HSK-63A tooling. The High Rail Gantry is available with open architecture controllers from OSAI or FANUC, to deliver the best 5-Axis machine motion and the most programming capability and flexibility. Both available controller options include Tool Center point Programming (TCP) and High Speed Machining (HSM) as standard. And, all of the controller options are compatible with optional volumetric laser compensation and accuracy enhancing linear scales on all axes.


    Whether wet or dry cutting, two rows of heavy steel support pillars are joined at their precision machined shoulders, forming support walls, onto which the X-Axis guide ways and drive systems are mounted. A massive moving bridge featuring over 4-foot bearing spacing, spans these stationary support walls to form the Y-Axis. Electronically tensioned, dual synchronous direct drives on each end of this bridge allow for smooth, fast, precise, and back-lash free motion. This design allows the electronics and mechanical drives to be located completely outside of the machining envelope and prevents their potential contamination from wet or dry machining. This design also eliminates the vertical pillars present in many other moving bridge machines. Eliminating the vertical columns minimizes potential frame deflection or distortion, and increases overall volumetric accuracy. This design also allows for the more efficient and more rapid movements of a substantially larger and heavier bridge; and for the use of a much taller and stiffer z-ram. A taller Z-Axis cutting envelope is made possible, and the machine is able to be more rigid and more accurate at these taller working heights.


    Safety and usability have always been hallmarks of Onsrud machining centers. As a result of these concerns, side panels and doors completely surround the working envelope to help ensure safe operation, reduced noise levels, and to control debris. When contamination concerns are more critical, the optional retractable bellows roof can fully protect the surrounding environment from fine airborne particulate or contamination. Also, there are optional lighting, down-draft dust collection systems, and auger or conveyor systems, making it possible to better control and capture most of the dust and particles. The roomy open design gives easy unobstructed access with a forklift or overhead crane.


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