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C.R. Onsrud Recognized by McCrory

As Key Player in NC's Aerospace Industry

Staff Writer

North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory recently identified C.R. Onsrud as one of North Carolina's progressive companies helping to expand the state's growing influence within the aerospace industry. The home-grown, North Carolina CNC manufacturer engineers and builds high-end, automated machinery solutions for many of the major players such as Boeing, Zodiac, Cessna, Falconjet, Bombardier and many more.    READ MORE

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High Speed Machining: Aerospace -- Boeing's One Part Harmony

Some within Boeing call this part the "pork chop." Actually, it's a landing gear bulkhead for a C-17 cargo plane.

Faster, lighter cuts can let one solid part replace an assembly of hundreds of components. Better manufacturing and a better airplane both result. But before Boeing could realize these benefits, a more finely tuned process was needed. Fly an airplane fast enough,and you meet a threshold. Air can't flow out of the way anymore, so all you can do is plow through it. Accomplish this, and you have broken the sound barrier. Mill an airplane component fast enough, and you also meet a threshold. As spindle speed increases, ultimately it reaches a point where cutting edges are striking the material at a frequency identical to some resonant frequency of the machine. However, this "sweet spot" is no barrier—it's an enabler. Milling in tune with the harmonics of the machine offers a key not only to more effective manufacturing, but also a superior design. The idea has already seen practical applications. The Boeing F/A-18E/F tactical fighter is easier to manufacture, easier to assemble, even easier to maintain in the field—all thanks in part to high speed machining.


Article From: Modern Machine Shop, Peter Zelinski , Senior Editor

Manufacturing Intelligence: How Technology Is Transforming Skilled Labor

Rapid digitization, computers and robots are capable of performing science fiction-like tasks.

Dr. Martin Helgoson  |  Senior Project Leader and Principal Engineer, Sandvik Coromant

Concept cars can drive more safely than humans today. Utilizing advanced technologies, robots can perform sophisticated logistic assignments and draw intelligent conclusions. Your smartphone probably has more computing power than Apollo 11 when it landed on the moon.  We are facing the beginning of a technology shift that will mean drastic changes for the industry. In the future, products, as well as devices in manufacturing processes, will have embedded intelligence; the ability to communicate and become autonomous.  READ MORE

OSync is Here! Climb Aboard the Next Step in Automation from the C.R. Onsrud Team.

Real-time monitoring of machine processes is the next step in move to Industry 4.0

Matt Jenkins

C.R. Onsrud is committed to making our machinery the most advanced possible, and our engineers continue to push their capabilities. As the Industry 4.0 wave catches on and more facilities begin to automate more and more of their production environments, the ability to monitor machine performance in the real-time is critical. We give you the power to "harness the source" - monitoring, tracking and logging one (or more) machines simultaneously so production managers have better  control of their operations.  WATCH VIDEO

Originally Published in American Manufacturing News    Media Planet

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Finding a Manufacturing Job in America is Still a Viable Career Option, and it's High-Tech Skills Most Companies are Seeking.


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