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The InnoAgg Labeling System is an advanced aggregate system for further automating your production line. And it's available only to C.R. Onsrud customers. Because we are always striving to bring you new and improved means of speeding up your work-flow, and trying to shave seconds from your shift, this labeling system will allow you the flexibility to mark your nested parts with a compact device which fits into your standard auto tool carrier. It comes in two models: a traditional sticky-back label (light on the sticky, for easy removal); and a direct-to-part version which is easily wiped off when it comes time to assemble your parts.


If you're looking for ways to get onto the Industry 4.0 Movement - the InnoAgg Labeling System from C.R. Onsrud is something you need to seriously consider adding to your work-flow set-up! Wanna know more about the InnoAgg? Get in touch with us HERE.

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