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In the heartland of America, there is a custom guitar manufacturer quickly claiming it's spot amongst top musicians as one of the most sought-after brands on the market today. This high-end boutique shop, located in Des Moines, Iowa, is crafting instruments the old-fashioned way - by hand. Which is why they chose the C.R. Onsrud Inverted Router™ series when they opened their doors a few short years ago. They still hand select the material for your guitar, and still make that material resonate with authentic sounds and stylings. Which is why many of the most demanding performers today are proud owners of the BILT brand.


While CNC machinery has claimed it's spot within the woodworking industry for speed, precision and manufacturing consistency, the Inverted Router™ allows the purist among American craftsman a tool offering the same speed and precision, while still allowing them to feel the sawdust on their digits. Because of the safety features of the machine's design, using an Inverted Router™ will allow the user to keep hands safe, and digits in place - so they can pursue other satisfying activities, primarily playing these exquisite sounding guitars they construct. Which is why the guys at BILT got into this gig in the first place . . . they love great guitars.

When you hold your new BILT guitar in your hands for the first time - you will notice the precision and quality immediately. The love and attention to detail in every soft curve, and every smoothed edge immediately distinguishes this guitar as something more intoxicating than most. But in addition to looking great, it has been "BILT" to play regularly, because something this awesome can't simply hang on the wall. It's the same way we feel about our Inverted Router™ here at C.R. Onsrud. It is an incredibly wonderful, yet simple machine built for rigorous and demanding use, and then stand on stage begging for more. Being an American-made Original, is something we share with the great folks at BILT guitars, and our pride comes through via the quality you'll experience from every product we manufacture. The fact the good people of BILT guitars selected C.R. Onsrud says they take their mission to a higher level, and are dedicated to building you the best guitar for your money.

At C.R.Onsrud, we're committed to your success. Never Compromise on Value.

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